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See the Colorado Lash Company Difference

Love YOUR lashes.........Guaranteed!

At Colorado Lash Company we combine our lash expertise with your consultation and lash personality profile to design a look YOU love. We are so confident using our method that you will love your lashes; we guarantee it.  Not quite in love with your lashes? No problem!  We are here to create a look YOU love.

Notify us within 5 days of your original appointment and we will schedule a fix appointment to lengthen, shorten, add more curl, relax the curl, fuller, or less full.

No additional charge to you during our normal business hours.  *Lash lift or eyebrow lamination guests can relax or add curl if needed.


Our  Lash Services


Lashes from subtle and sexy to lashes that make a BIG, BOlD statement.

  (view our photo gallery from the lash artist drop down above)

Classic Lash Extensions

Synthetic mink lash extensions placed one by one to your natural lashes. Classic lashes create looks ranging from very natural to mascara.  All styling is customized to each client based on the length, thickness, health of your natural lashes and lifestyle.


Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lash extensions add fullness, density and softness by placing 3-7 fine synthetic mink lashes to each of your natural lashes All styling is customized to each client based on the length, thickness, health of your natural lashes and lifestyle.  2.5 hours.



Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lash extensions give you the best of both classic and volume. We place half classic lashes with half 3-5D volume.  The result is a soft and textured appearance.   2.5 hours


Eyelash Lift

Forget eyelash curlers. If you have good to great lashes and extensions are not in your time or finance budget, Lash Lifting (aka: Keratin Lash Lift or Lash P​erm) may be the perfect alternative. Perming gives a lift or curl and tint, without adding length or fullness. Lasts approximately 5-7 weeks.  Tinting in Black or Dark Brown.  Our products contain moisturizing and conditioning ingredients such as shea butter, biotin and hydrolyzed silk protein.  1 Hour


Lash Touch-Ups 

During touch-up appointments we remove grown out extensions then clean, condition lashes and fill-in  the gaps to maintain that fuller, thicker look your love.Touch-up schedule is determined by your eyelash natural growth and shedding cycle, your lifestyle and proper aftercare.  We use the most modern application techniques, freshest and strongest adhesives available to do our part in giving you lashes YOU love.

Classic Touch-Up

2 ​Week-Classic Touch-Up:  60 minutes


3 Week Classic Touch-Up: 75 minutes


4 Week Classic Touch-Up: 90 mins


Volume and Hybrid Touch-Up

2 Week-Volume and Hybrid Touch-Up:  60 minutes


3 Week-Volume or Hybrid Touch-Up: 75 minutes


4 Week-Volume or Hybrid Touch-Up: 90 minutes


"Mini" Touch-Up

30 minute "mini" touch-up.  Perfect for  a last minute event, travel or special occasion in between your regular touch-up. 


Eyelash Tinting:

Available in dark brown or deep black eyelash tint made specifically for eyelashes and eyebrows. 


Things to N​ote:

Unfortunately, we cannot take clients under the age of 18 with or without parental consent.

 Also, due to the nature of our work and for your child’s safety, we are unable to allow children with you at your appointment.  Those bringing any child to their appointment will be asked to reschedule and deposits will not be refunded. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 

Colorado Lash Company is a fully licensed business by the State of Colorado. All lash artists are Licensed Estheticians and certified by national and international lash training programs.

No animals other than verifiable service animals please.

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EyeLash Services:

Classic Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

Lash Lifting/perming

EyeLash Tinting


EyeBrow Services:

EyeBrow Design

EyeBrow Wax

EyeBrow Tinting

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Henna

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