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Lashes and Brows are our favorite things.  What a difference they can make in your every day appearance. A little bit of maintenance?  Yes, but well worth it!  We want you to LOVE your lashes (and brows). So much so we offer a 4-day love your lash guarantee.  If your lashes are too much, not enough, you lost to many in a few days, too long, too short, whatever the reason, Contact us within 4 days of your appointment and we will schedule a "FIX" appointment at no charge to help you get more of the look you envisioned.  See below what other perks when you are a Colorado Lash Client.

The images below show how different similar styles can look very different on each client.  These photos are not filtered nor touched up. They are real clients not marketing models, nor friends modeling like you see currently on IG.


New Full Set Lash Extensions: $169.00

Forget the confusion of choosing a lash style, set and price. We've made it super simple with our one price full set.  Create a look you love that fits you, your lashes and your lifestyle.  (Includes consultation, aftercare kit and our 4-day love you lashes guarantee.) Most styles available in Matte Black or Brown.  ( Please note: We do not apply "mega-volume", "anime", or "phoenix" lash styles.)


Mini-Set Lash Extensions: $99.00

Looking for something simple? Not quite a mascara look but not the "naked" lash look either.  Maybe wispy lashes?  This appointment is designed just for you. 


Mini-Set with Lash Tinting: $125.00

Something new and simple.  Tinting all your lashes, top and bottom a deep dark brown or jet black makes the most of your natural lashes while adding a natural looking mini-set of extensions.  Keep your beauty routine and your look, clean and simple.  Lashes available in dark brown or matte black.


Lash Lifting: $89.00

Throw out that lash curler!  Lash Lifts, AKA: Lash Perm/Keratin Lift. This chemical process changes the shape of the lash keratin bonds to create lift and/or curl to your natural lashes.  While it does not add length or thickness, straight lashes look long and lovely.

Lasts 6-8 weeks depending on your natural lash growth cycle.  


Touch-Up/Fill Appointments

Keep your lashes looking lush and lovely. Touch-up appointment are available every 1-4 weeks.  Greater than 4 weeks requires a returning full set.

1-Week Touch-Up: $60.00               

2-Week Classic Touch-Up: $70.00

2-Week Hybrid/Volume Touch-Up: $75.00

3-Week Classic Touch-Up: $75.00

3-Week Hybrid/Volume Touch-Up: $85.00

4-Week Touch-Up: $85.00

4-Week Hybrid/Volume: $ 95.00

* Touch-Ups over 4 weeks and 4 days will need a full set.  All touch-ups for partial sets are equivalent 1-week touch ups in time and fees.



Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow Waxing: 22.00 

Eyebrow Design (not micro-blading) $55.00

Eyebrow Tinting: 22.00

Tints available in natural (ash blonde to light brown, no red) Middle Blonde (medium blonde with strawberry blonde), middle brown (red/brown, auburn)

Brown ( no red brown to deep brown) Deep black) Repeat 4-6 weeks. Fantastic for fading or blond brows or anyone wanting fuller more defined brow hair.

COMING SOON: Eyebrow Staining. Stains not only the brow hair but also the skin.  Brow hair hold stain up to 4 weeks, while your skin stain (with proper care) lasts 10-14 days. Perfect for vacations, camping, reunions and weddings. Available in 8 beautiful customizable colors.


Other Services

Eyelash Tinting: $25.00

Brown or Deep Black lasting 4-6 weeks

Chin Waxing: $12.00

Lip Waxing: $15.00

Coming Soon: Dermaplaning.  Rid yourself  of all that facial fuzz while receiving a gentle exfoliation.  Gentler than Microderm abrasion but more effective than scrubs or enzyme peels at exfoliation of dead and dry skin revealing more youthful smoother appearance.

Crystal Salt

Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. While we don't maintain a receptionist we will do our best to answer you quickly. You will speak to a lash artist directly who will help answer your questions and ease your concerns.   Office: 719-465-3502.  M-F 9-6:30/Sat 9-5

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